You want smooth effortless movement? You want stability? You want freedom? Then you want Power. The new Solowheel's powerful motor handles hills, uneven terrain and speed, with ease. Turn your daily commute into an adventure and discover why everyone is raving about the new Solowheel.

Environmentally friendly

While gasoline and oil continues to fuel our world, the environment suffers. With the rapid industrialization over the past 200 years, pollution has increased, threatening our future. Today many of us find ways to reduce our pollution footprint and the Solowheel is another tool to help you do just that. The Solowheel is powered by an electric motor that produces zero pollution while you ride.

The Age of Technology

The internet revolutionized the way we communicate and exchange information. With this we have seen a flood of new technology enter the market, including the Solowheel. From wearable technology to cell phones that can recommend "what's for dinner," the world is changing. Be a part of that change.

The Solowheel is the culmination of cutting edge technology, superior parts and genius design.
With every detail considered, all that's left to do is get moving!


the city


Top-notch Technology

New design, fully upgraded power technology, enhanced safety features, and sophisticated software.

Eco-friendly Design

Zero emissions and alleviation of traffic congestion.


The Solowheel uses gyrosensors and accelerometers to maintain front-and-back balance. Control the Solowheel's speed and direction simply by shifting your weight.


The Solowheel is the size of a briefcase and includes a convenient integrated carrying handle.

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